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Commercial Growers

Asparagus Seed - Aspara Pacific supplies asparagus seed to growers around the world either through our agents in Japan and Europe ( or direct.

Asparagus Crowns -We grow and supply High Health asparagus crowns to commercial growers in all parts of New Zealand. By using the latest techniques of growing asparagus crowns, commercial growers get the best start by planting the best plants of the latest cultivars.

New Zealand Asparagus is proudly GE Free. We use only traditional breeding and selection processes that have been used for hundreds of years to produce our new varieties for discerning world markets.

Pacific 2000

Pacific Purple

Pacific Challenger

Pacific 2000

Pacific 2000 Asparagus

Bred by Peter in New Zealand, Pacific 2000 combines the best quality of north American asparagus with long bed life of European varieties. Pacific 2000 was painstakingly chosen from the best hybrids produced after years of careful selection at Lincoln, New Zealand. The resulting F1 hybrid shows outstanding vigour producing abundant yields of uniform all-green spears.

Released in 2000 as the first asparagus hybrid for the new millennium, Pacific 2000 has found immediate acceptance in demanding international markets. Pacific 2000 is the leading asparagus variety in New Zealand and is a top performer in trials in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australasia.

Longevity - Pacific 2000 lasts longer than Jersey Giant or UC 157. Superior persistence of Pacific 2000 means that growers do not have to replant as frequently, resulting in major cost savings.

Spear quality - Pacific 2000 has superior spear quality. It maintains a tight head at 25 cm and has an all-green spear with no purple blush commonly associated with the Jersey varieties.

Here's what asparagus people say about Pacific 2000. " Pacific 2000 gives us 100% 1st grade spears compared to about 80% when processing Jersey Giant" according to Adrian Rigby, Crop Supply Agronomist at Heinz Watties.

" Pacific 2000 always stood out as being a big improvement" - Dr Bill Bussell, leading asparagus agronomist.

Pacific 2000 produces a very uniform spear. High health seed with high germination means it has very even emergence of highly vigorous plants.

For more information see Pacific 2000.

Pacific Purple

Pacific Purple Asparagus

Pacific Purple is a new "super-sweet" asparagus variety. Its distinctive dark purple spears have gained immediate acceptance in markets in Europe, Asia and north America. Pacific Purple tastes sweeter, has less fibre and more anti-oxidants than green asparagus.

Bred by Aspara Pacific, Pacific Purple produces a very high quality spear that is dark purple in colour from tip to butt. The spears have a slightly larger diameter than most green varieties.

Dual Purpose- Very tender spears and high sugar content means Pacific Purple can be grown as a dual-purpose variety for purple or for super-sweet white asparagus. Pacific Purple is suited for traditional white production or for growing in black tunnel houses where its low fibre content means the white spears don't require peeling before cooking.

For more information see Growing super-sweet white asparagus.

Pacific Challenger - The World's first Phytophthora tolerant asparagus variety

Pacific Challenger

Phytophthora rot is an important fungal disease of asparagus in many countries of the world including North, Central and South America, England and Europe, Asia, and Australasia. The disease causes establishment failures and can reduce yields by over 50%.

Our goal has been to control this important disease without the need for chemicals. After over 30 years of breeding and selection we have now produced the world's first Phytophthora-tolerant asparagus varieties called Pacific Challenger 1 and 2.

Trial results in several countries show the new Phytophthora-tolerant asparagus not only survive the ravages of the disease but produce higher yields than some of the best varieties currently available. Pacific Challenger keeps producing for longer meaning commercial growers don't need to replace plantings as frequently. The longer bed life and higher yield means growers save money as they don't have the cost of replanting as frequently.

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